What can we learn from the tears and crying on Britain's Got Talent tonight ?

One of the acts tonight on Britain's Got Talent, a 10 year old girl called Hollie Steele broke down in tears after, well lets put it nicely, messing up and forgetting her words during her performance.

Now everyone knows you get one shot at your performance on a show like Britain's Got Talent. Except, that is, if you are a ten year old girl who turns on the tears, and then says "Please !" when told that because it is a live show they would not have time for her to perform gain.

So what is the result of her tears ? She get her way and she gets to perform again. Fair ? Hardly. None of the other acts got a second shot. None of the other acts this week who also had wobbles or made mistakes got to go on again. That surely is the nature of the show.

For me, as a parent and as a teacher, you might imagine I would have sympathy for the ten year old and feel she should go on again. But actually, no, I didn't.

What it told me is that 10 years of age is too young to be pressurised by being on such a show. But it also worried be that the message sent out was that if you cry and beg you will get your own way.

So what was the result ? Well "brave little Hollie" got through to the final. The message from the show was that forget talent, forget getting it right first time, forget that talent is also the ability to perform without making errors, tonight Britain's Got Talent was about pandering to tears.


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Couldn't agree more.