BREAKING NEWS - Dr Ian Gibson deselected by Labour

BBC Look East are reporting that Dr Ian Gibson, the Labour MP for Norwich North has been deselected by Labour after appearing before the Labour star chamber to answer question about allegations made in the Daily Telegraph.

Many in his constituency will, like me, feel that Ian Gibson has been singled out by the Labour Party because he is a maverick and rebel prepared to criticise this god awful government when they are wrong whilst other more loyal MPs who have flipped their second homes and "played the system" remorselessly are allowed to get away with their crimes with no punishment or even questioning from the Labour Party.


Barrie Wood said...

I'm not sure of the allegations made about Ian, but he is clearly one of the more free-thinking and radical members of the PLP.

Conversely an oily shyster like Keith Vaz, for a variety of reasons, will emerge unscathed. His role on the 42 day detention proposals typifies this man absolutely. Oh, and of course, he's also on Labour's NEC !

Anonymous said...

think they will come for them all
just see

now where is mr kennedy and beith

Anonymous said...

Brown should announce hes standing down of expenses and urge Cameron to join him