Phil Woolas - New Labour Toady gets does of his own medicine

Wasn't it nice to see Labour Minister Phil Woolas looking embarrassed and unsure of himself when outflanked and our campaigned by Joanna Lumley on the Ghurkas issue today.

Phil Woolas is know to many Lib Dems as the man who allowed his campaign for election in 1995 to become dominated by innuendo, questionable electoral practises and ultimately saw the start of the way Labour had campaigned for the last 14 years. "Never let the truth get in the way of a chance to win votes", has been Labour's mantra since the 1995 by-election in Littleborough and Saddleworth, and in 1997 along with many other New Labour Toadies, Mr Woolas got himself elected.

Since 1997 Mr Woolas has been notable within Labour ranks for his unstinting loyalty, be this supporting illegal wars in Iraq, imposing laughably low increases to pensions, making students pay more, breaking election promises, supporting ID cards or any other number of things that would have been inconceivable back in his days as a student activist, Mr Woolas has defended New Labour unstintingly. .

Does opposing the rights of people who have served this country's armed forces with honour fit with Mr Woolas' previous membership of the Anti Nazi League ? To me, it seems slightly odd. But even more so, someone who was head of the NUS systematically supporting over a number of years things that have put ever more burdens on to students seems to me to be the actions of a man who would do anything to prove his loyalty.

But today, he was put on the spot, couldn't rely on a spin doctor to prepare and brief in the way that New Labour Toadies have become used to. And wasn't it good to see !

Now let's hope that the Lib Dems in Oldham East can pull their fingers out and finally unseat Mr Woolas next time because in my opinion, if there is any new Labour MP who deserves to lose his seat, it's Mr Woolas.

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