Down to League One and justice has been done

Sorry to mention Norwich City on this blog rather than my Norwich blog, but my thoughts on this need as wide an audience as possible.
Let's not make excuses for Norwich's relegation this year. In truth, yes, we have had some abysmal refereeing decisions in so many games this year that it may well have cost us points, but in reality Norwich are down to League One for one reason, and that is because we are a bloody poor team, reliant on loan players and lacking any real backbone and spine aside from Sammy Clingan and perhaps Gary Docherty.

Norwich are apparently going to ask fans not to ask for their £72.20 rebate for going down to be refunded. Sorry, I am having it back. Call me what you like, but it is nothing to the names I would like to call those wearing Norwich shirts today.

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Catchthebudgie said...

The table doesn't lie. This has been coming for some time and the board have done little to stop it. Football clubs all go through bad patches and this is Norwich City's and I doubt there will be much change to their fortunes. The clubs desperation to stay in the Championship has deflected away from the masterplan or new way forward. Whatever the board decides, I doubt many of those people will make decisions in the interests of the footballing side against their own. Not many sides come straight back, the cost of relegation can set them back years. Southampton strangely by going into adminstration have given their club a massive kick up to backside. New owners and investors could be the winning ticket. Charlton and Norwich with their reliable and predictable boards are likely to suffer for many years to come.