Troop increase paper of the cracks in NATO

The decision by a handful of NATO member to increase troop numbers in Afghanistan for a "limited period" falls well short of the necessary increase that is needed in troop numbers and serves to highlight that most of our so called European allies are as spineless as ever.

The false idea prevalent amongst our European allies that letting Afghanistan return to being a training camp for terrorists, and that "smaller" European countries who opt out of supporting NATO (the likes of Belgium) is hopelessly naive. The sad fact is though that there are many people in the country too who think that we can simply withdraw from Afghanistan and that the deaths will stop. True, the death of soldiers might stop, but we could soon replace this in far higher numbers withe death on the streets of the UK.

Whilst NATO leaders hail the agreement to send a few hundred soldiers for a few weeks to Afghanistan it does beg the question as to what difference this will make when they go home after their short six week stint.

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