Did the police give the protesters enough rope ?

Last night the TV news predicted that a possible high profile target for protesters in London would be the RBS building near the Bank of England.

So what happens today ? Protesters get to the RBS building, attack it, break in to it and attempt to set fire to it and there was not a single policeman inside the building in case of such an attack ?

How can the TV news predict something but the police not anticipate it ?

It looks to me that the powers that be were willing to let the protests to get out of hand in order to vilify all the protesters.


Andy said...

One might also question why RBS, having thought to move staff to a different branch for the day, didn't find the time to board up their windows. After all, many other, less obvious targets in the area did.

It's enough to get the conspiracy theorist in me terribly worked up...

Anonymous said...

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jailhouselawyer said...

Nich: Had a Muslim announced such information on a blog, no doubt measures would have been taken under anti-terrorism legislation to prosecute for incitement...