It's Sunday so it must be another Labour Minister's Expense scam

You know it's a Sunday because there is another revelation about a Labour Minister on the take by claiming expenses for things that might be okay by parliamentary rules, but to the ordinary common man in the street seem like a total scam.

Today's it's Geoff Hoon. Do we do a sweep stake on who it will be next week ?


Letters From A Tory said...

Labour are fast running out of cabinet members who haven't screwed the taxpayer out of a few bob. The press have obviously decided who their targets will be and are relentlessly pursuing them.

Richard T said...

I suppose they couldn't have picked a better aerosol than buffoon. I'd like the next one to be Jack 'Squealer' (remember your Animal Farm) Straw please.

Gluteus said...

It's late on Tuesday with no further posts, so Nich must have had a good end-of-term do.

Meanwhile, the world still turns.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Actually, agonising neck painm which has finally eased. Sitting at a computer was really painful.