Parky gets it all so right over Jade Goody

Michael Parkinson has put in to words what many of us felt about he way Jade Goody's illness and death were treated by the press and those around her who were supposedly acting in her "best interests".

Parkinson wrote that she was "the perfect victim of our times...brought up in a cesspit of poverty and died to an orchestrated chorus of exploitation".

He says a lot more too which is hard to disagree with HERE.


Dan said...

An orchestrated chorus of exploitation that allowed her to leave £4 million to her sons.

Who is being exploited?

Norfolk Blogger said...

And what of those news organisations (Sky, BBC, ITV) and the various papers who paid her nothing but seemed obsessed with having live coverage of her funeral.

Sad as it was for her, her family and friends, her death really was not a news event.

Catchthebudgie said...

Perhaps the millions of people that thought Jade Goody was a role model and had bought into the degraging and obscene performance for the cameras wanting to see her finally put to rest.

I know I didnt, I wonder how much Max Cliffard made?

Very sad, very sad indeed.