Book your holiday to Cuba quickly

One of the great joys of a holiday to Cuba, I am told, is aside from the alcohol, sun, sea, hospitality, and cigars is the fact that it is very difficult for any American's to go on holiday there meaning your visit to the island is usually shared with Canadians, Spaniards and fellow Brits.

Now I've nothing against Americans, but if you want a quiet holiday I would book it quickly as the US seems set to ease travel restrictions to Cuba meaning Americans taking holidays there, princes rising , big cameras, loud shirts and even louder voices.


Chairman Bill said...

You really want to go soemwhere crowded out with Jade Goody facsimilies?

Letters From A Tory said...

Yup, Cuba is amazing. I went in April two years ago and it was blissfully relaxing, even during the school holidays.