21 pence to fight terrorism

Just think that a visit to THIS website would have enabled the Metropolitan Police to buy document wallets at a cost of just 21 pence.

It strikes me as odd that even as school teachers we ensure that our school reports are stored on encrypted memory sticks and that we do not leave them where they can be read by other children or adults, but seemingly the Metropolitan Police are less security conscious. At least Bob Quick did the right thing in the end.

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jailhouselawyer said...

Nich: Given that knowledge is power, I used to make it my business to read whatever documents I found lying about in unlocked offices whilst I was in prison.

In Bob Quick's case, it was not an absence of document wallets. In the photo they can be clearly seen in his hands. I suspect that he was reading in the car and in a momentary lapse, as he reached his destination he just got out of the car without thinking about security and did not return them to his document files.

To err is human. As prison security not only relies upon the physical but also the human element, it is those lapses which the astute prisoner will spot and use to his or her advantage.