Labour "talking up" the BNP again

A few weeks before the last local elections in London a Labour minister, Margaret Hodge, stupidly talked up the chances of BNP success in her Dagenham seat. The BNP seized upon this gift of publicity, ran with it, allowing the Labour Party and the press coverage to give it credibility, and as a result the BNP got a better result in Dagenham than even they could have hoped for.

You might have imagined that Labour might have learnt from this and previous examples where the labour Party have given the BNP much needed credibility boosts. Back in 1993 the Lib Dems took the blame for events in Tower Hamlet whilst Labour ignored the fact that it was their leaflet that claimed the BNP were set to win. People in Tower Hamlets knew that nobody was taking the BNP seriously until that labour leaflet.

So what is happening this year ? Harriet Harman is talking up the BNP again.

Anyone involved in politics knows that you avoid giving any credibility to those who are likely to steal votes from you. It again serves to highlight what an imbecile Harriet Harman is.


John said...

Worse she's Mandelson's imbecile!

Anonymous said...

Or, from another point of view, one could argue that they talk up the BNP to give their loyal voters a reason to be terrified of not voting?

Anonymous said...

For your information, I was living in TH in 1993. The reason local people were mad and voted BNP was because the very intelligent local council were deliberately giving local, newly built housing to immigrants! I also worked at Newham hospital and some supposed nursing assistants were openly boasting about being in the nation of islam. Patients who happened to be elderly white folk got served meals cold and were generally ignored. Even cancer patients! Of course, nobody cares about the truth. I have to say that after this I think I changed. Every action creates a reaction mate!

Paul Seaman said...

The British National Party (BNP) is thrashing the mainstream parties - but only online. This says as much about the internet as it does about politics, and I don’t think the mainstream should overdo its response. More...


Catchthebudgie said...

Perhaps you may consider away from your liberal everythings wonderful glasses and understand that the BNP are growing more and more. Though I disagree with their views, they tap into the mindset of many. We may consider the EU and it's laws and economics and politics in general, but those and they are many, worry more about the price of beer and matters close to the BNP.

A little snigger and a shot across the bows at Labour. To all the parties, be very afraid, very afraid.