Michael Winner on Question Time ? A new low

I am not going to watch the rest of Question Time if the first question is any pointer to the rest of the show.

What is the point of having a guest like Michael Winner ? He offered nothing on a really important question about Iraq and couldn't really answer the subsequent question put to him by Dimblebore.

And as for Caroline Lucas .... ZZZZZZZZzzzzzz. Time to sleep


Anonymous said...

pity though that you missed the pickles 'phenomenon' implode!

Chairman Bill said...

He does to a rather good restaurant column in the Sunday Times though.

Letters From A Tory said...

The BBC have seemingly introduced a policy of having (at least) one completely irrelevant guest on the show each week.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Perhaps, as he is a high flyer in one particular field, the government will allow him to do a six month shortened teaching course and allow him to become a headteacher in three years ?

Anonymous said...

Pickles on QT was interesting, if you missed it... its well worth going on Iplayer to find it (if you can).

Unfortunatley, due to interuptions and mocking Ed Davey, you never really get to understand what Pickles was trying to achieve.