Google Street - Doing wonders for Norwich's tourist trade

Google Street is getting lots of headlines this week and Norwich is one of the 25 cities that Google decided to feature, although it is a Norwich I barely recognise.

Oddly, virtually every shot of Norwich seems to be in great weather and sunshine, things which I certainly don't recognise as being typical of Norwich. It did make me wonder when the city was photographed, but looking at specific shots of buildings I knew to be closing and area where building work was ongoing, I have worked out he photography was done during late July, which oddly was our sunny week last year.

So Norwich had better prepare for a boost in tourist numbers who having seen Google Street, will be under the false impression Norwich is some sort of tropical paradise. Oh how disappointed they will be,

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Anonymous said...

Nich, I'm amazed that home owners everywhere were not given some kind of warning. The picture of our Street is virtually out of date now as there was so much building improvements taking place. Many nearby house fronts were submerged in scaffolding and could barely be seen. Even our own house was being re-tiled as well as new double glazed window frames being put in.
So for posterity we're forced to look up our homes and see them at their worst as they were before being Googled.