Looking forward to the new series of The Apprentice

I am an unashamed fan of The Apprentice. I have watched it since the first series when it was slightly hidden away on BBC2 and have always found its production values and tasks to be of the highest order. However, this does not stop the moaners and whingers in society from slagging of the show or seeking to talk it down.

I heard on Five Live this morning some pillock arguing that the show was not suited to a recession and that Alan Sugar ought to change his catchphrase from "You're fired" to something more suitable for our difficult times. Honestly, it makes you want to scream at the radio to these idiots that :

1) It's an entertainment show.
2) Nobody is forced to go on to the show.

Probably the most interesting thing in the early shows is the way that people go in to the show claiming things like "I was born to make money" or "I don't understand the meaning of failure" or even "Making money is better than sex", only to find within a few weeks that these people have been shown to be hopeless individuals with no business sense, no people skills and a complete waste of space.

Still, when they get fired they could always find a job suited to people who cannot add up and know nothing about business. I hear RBS and HBOS are looking for Chief Executives.


Paul Pinfield said...

Looks like a real shower of shit this year. Should make for great viewing...

Chairman Bill said...

The thing that gets my goat is how the programme is worthy of being reported on the BBC news website homepage, as if it's important business news.