The complete and utter hopeless incompetence of ITV and their FA Cup coverage of Everton vs Liverpool

After 90 minutes of football and 28 minutes of extra time, with the score Everton 0, Liverpool 0, for some completely unexplainable reason ITV decided to go to an advert break whilst the match was still playing, only to return from the break with Everton having scored !

Absolute total rubbish coverage from ITV and further proof why they are not fit to cover sport.

Update :And now to compound matters, they have returned from the post match advert break half way through an interview with the Everton goalscorer !

The half hearted throw away apology for "technical problems" does not do their incompetence justice.


Jonathan said...

ITV also managed the moment when Lewis Hamilton lost the world title last year.

jailhouselawyer said...

I think I would have preferred the American idea of showing porn during a match to spice it up a bit.

Political Poet said...

I'm glad Formula One is going back to the BBC. Tonight's performance with the football was atrocious.

Chairman Bill said...

I thought the TV adverts were quite good, actually.