Did Simon Burns think it was Dave ?

Tory MP Simon Burns has pleased guilty to dangerous driving (after earlier saying he was not guilty) and has been fined £400.

He was pulling out of the Houses of Parliament in his Range Rover (no doubt an absolutely necessary vehicle for driving around rural Chelmsford constituency), when he pulled out in front of a cyclist, breaking the cyclists neck in two places.

It made me wonder if Simon Burns thought the cyclist might have been "Dave". I guess if it had been him Mr Burns would have seen Dave's car following him down the road.


Iain Dale said...

Simon Burns does not drive a Range Rover. He drives a Freelander. His car was stationery when the cyclist hit it.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the cyclist should just be grateful there wasn't a Lib Dem councilor around to block the path of the ambulance that came to help him, eh?