How does trashing Starbucks help the people of Gaza ?

I see that the march in support of the people of Gaza in London has ended up with things being thrown at the police and a branch of Starbucks being attacked.

As the BBC reports,

"But as darkness fell a small number of people, several hundred, have begun confronting police and missiles have been thrown," he said.

"Although these are ugly and unwelcome scenes, they do not represent what has happened for most of the afternoon."
It's a sad fact that there are a number of Trots who join any demonstration in order to attack the police or shops and care little about any cause other than causing mayhem.


Irfan Ahmed said...

Nich attacking shops is stupid and fighting with Police. I myself went to a protest on Friday and it was very peaceful, no trouble at all.

I think one of the reason's for attacking a Starbucks shop is that it is owned by Israeli's and is on a list that has been circulated among people asking them to boycott Israeli products.

PeacenowinGazaandIsrael said...

If you check out Harry's Place Blog you can see for yourself that there were Hamas flags, Al Qaeda and Hezbolla flags as well as calls from the platform of "We all support Hamas" - Yes, the genocidal terrorist organization reigning terror on the people of Gaza and Israel and opposing any peace plan.

Caron said...

I'm almost tempted to urge caution at the media reports. They are reporting violence at Edinburgh Demo at US consulate but my husband and daughter were there and saw nothing amiss.

You can bet your life that if my husband had thought our little girl was in any danger from any sort of violence at all, he would have got her out of there so fast.

What we saw of the Edinburgh demo was extremely peaceful.

Lewes Lib Dem said...

Starbucks Is not owned by Israelis!!! .