Wipe the slate clean - What a load of empty rhetoric

I am sorry to go on about David Cameron. As you well know if you are a regular reader, I am no fan of "Dave", who for me makes lots of noise but little sense, and this is best exemplified today by Cameron's comments that he would "wipe the slate clean". What does this mean ?

Wiping the slate clean in real life means clearing all debts, starting completely afresh. Is he really saying all debts would be written off or is he trying to use this language merely to imply this to people ? The truth is that of course he will not be wiping any slates clean. He simply wants to use empty words in order to gets more headlines.

So what did he announce today ? Basically he talked of cuts in services and spending money he had already announced had been allocated elsewhere. So what ?


Anonymous said...

"cuts in services"

Are your party not in favour of cutting the amount of public spending in favour of tax cuts? I thought they were?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: No.

Anonymous said...

Yes and the costings will all be worked out and considered - not just empty meaningless slogans

Costigan Quist said...

This seems to be a new low for Cameron in the triumph of soundbite over policy. As far as I can see "wipe the slate clean" meant absolutely nothing.

Especially as, in the same interview, Cameron made clear that the Conservatives want to increase public spending by £25 billion next year, so not exactly a cut; just a little less than Labour are planning.