Has the election happened already ?

On "The One Show", on BBC a few minutes ago

"On tomorrow's show, possibly the new Prime Minister, David Cameron !"

Odd, I didn't know the election had taken place.

You'd expect a TV presenter to know the difference between "next" and "new".

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Anonymous said...

I would have announced it somewhat differently. 'Here's the man that wont become our next PrimeMinister' in true Ian Hislop style.
Sure Brown dithered for a while when there was an opportunity to call a snap Election. But the tide is turning back to Labour.
Most will now want to see him pull us through the financial troubles. And I dont think we'll be distracted by the time that Election comes round. Those top hat tory twits are not what the country needs. Maybe back in the 1950's, They haven't changed at all.
They're too elitist for a predominantly working to middle class country. And I've yet to hear of a sensible policy from them.
I dont know who annoys me more, Bumbling Boris, Cameron himself or that truly awful George Osbourne. He sounds just like my Granny.