Total Wipeout on the BBC - Total rubbish on my TV

Nobody should assume that I am some sort of TV snob. I like The X-Factor, I like Eastenders, indeed I even enjoyed the BBCs recent Saturday night show "Hole In The Wall". However, the new series "Total Wipeout" really does the BBC no favours at all.

Why, for starters do they have the show presented from London by Richard Hammond, with a his commentary put on several weeks after the show was actually recorded, with the action back projected behind him ? This seems really rather cheap and nasty and reminiscent of Takeshi's Castle, which if you don't know already, is a rather pointless and banal Japanese forerunner of "Total Wipeout", which is shown on obscure satellite channels by SKY with a dubbed British commentary.

But worse is the fact that people are given £10,000 if they win this competition on top of the fact that all 20 competitors are already flown to Buenos Aires (where the show is filmed) along with, so it appears, several members of their family. Despite the fact that the show's production values appear cheap, clearly this is not a cheap show to put together.

For me the problem this programme faces is that in a household like mine with two adults and one 18 month old child in it, the only person actually enjoying the show was the 18 month child, my wife started to read and I decided that the internet was a better option. Surely that says it all ?

I'm not going to knock the BBC though. They do need to try and appeal to different audiences and engage with every type of viewer. They also have to try to make shows that draw in viewers as many of those who so loathe the BBC want the BBC to become a niche broadcaster with a small number of viewers so that they can justify scrapping the license. I just hope though that the BBC does not give these people more ammunition and that if the viewing figures are poor for this show they will make sure that it is the first and last series of Total Wipeout.


Starls said...

I quite like it!

ThunderDragon said...

I found it amusing!

Paul Harris said...

I like it too. I'm 38 an have 3 children aged 11,9 and 7 and we ll enjoy watching it . . . together. I think that with viewing figures in excess of 6m you're probably in the minority. Perhaps when your 18 month is grown up and you spend more time together as a family you may appreciate how rare it is to find a tv program that acts as a such a catalyst.

Norfolk Blogger said...

You don't find it at all contrived to have a celebrity presenter sat in London in front of a large TV screen commentating on something that happened 3 months before in Argentina whilst pretending to do a live commentary ?

As for your dig at my family life, you know nothing about it, but if having a good family life is bringing up three kids to like total wipeout, I am pleased for you. I'll follow a different route.

As for the viewing figures


Shows 5 million viewers, which does not make me a minority as there are 58 million people with access to TV in the UK. Do the maths.

Paul Harris said...

I wasn't actually having a "dig" at your family life! I was simply stating that when your 18 month is older and you are able to converse together and share "quality time" you'll appreciate how little things, like a tv show, can be a joy; no matter how stupid, contrived or idiotic. I certainly wouldn't go as far as saying that I am "bringing up three kids to like Total Wipeout". At the ages of 11, 9 and 7 they are perfectly able to decide for themselves what they do, or don't, like.

As for your doing "the maths" remark on viewing figures perhaps you need to factor in the potential peak viewing figures on a Saturday night and then decide whether there is really any chance of 58 million people sitting down to watch tv at the same time. Perhaps I was wrong, and you're not in the minority, but 5 or 6 million viewers is quite a strong audience figure.

Perhaps you need to lighten up a bit and stop taking life so seriously. THAT comment WAS having a dig.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great show.I love it !!!!

Anonymous said...

I bloody love it! its tacky telivision that knows its tacky, unlike eastenders which is drab and blatantly shit! and its a right laff! infact sod it im going to apply on there! ill shout takeshis castle if you see me!!! lol