Is Esther Rantzen that dim ?

I am currently watching a dreadful documentary on ITV called "Esther versus the PC Brigade", which is one of ITV's "Tonight" shows.

In this shows she addresses the issue of people being unwilling to help children for fear of allegations being made against them, and she says this is all down to "political correctness".

She used, as an example, a child actor standing looking lost in a shopping centre whilst people walked past. Every time someone walked past she made some daft reference to "political correctness", whilst never making the link that it was actually through fear that people didn't stop to help.

Too often, sadly, people will sue, make allegations or seek to make the good Samaritan look like the devil. Apparently though Esther Rantzen seemed unwilling to acknowledge this fact and instead liked her show to make reference to "jobsworth teachers", whilst ignoring the steady but rising number of malicious and false allegations made against teachers.

Is Esther Rantzen really as thick as the show seemed to indicate ? Clearly there was not balance, not attempt to speak to someone who had false allegations made against them or to examine in depth why people are afraid to stop and help a child. One thing is for sure, it is nothing to do with political correctness and much more to do with our litigious society.


Mark said...

Virtually all documentary programmes these days are so dumbed down and tabloidy as to be almost worthless. Panorama, Tonight with Trevor McDoughnut, even the Money Programme. I saw a Dispataches a few months ago about supposed unhealthy ready meals presented by tabloid hack Jane Moore that was so clearly unscientific and sensationalist that I turned it off after 20 minutes.

Why do TV producers think all their viewers are mindless idiots?

Paul Pinfield said...

"Is Esther Rantzen really as thick as the show seemed to indicate ?" I don't think so Nic. Rather, I think this was a calculated ploy to re-enforce her perceived position of the Children's Champion...