Another day, another Sarah Palin gaffe

After the Republicans tried top claim some sort of success after Sarah Palin managed to get through the vice presidential debate without making any gaffes (although polls show Biden clearly won the debate), she has been forced to apologise after mistakenly saying she had met British Ambassador to Washington, Sir Nigel Sheinwald in February.

The Republican vice-presidential nominee's campaign said a meeting between the two occurred at the US National Governors Association in Washington, but the British Embassy has revealed the ambassador had actually withdrawn at the last minute from this event.

Oh dear !


Anonymous said...

You're obsessed with Palin bashing. Have the tissues ready for your tears when the Obamessiah turns out to be a clueless chump. He's another Blair or Cameron all style and no substance. He changes his position more often than Brown changes his Y fronts. If he wins this year he'll lose in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Obama is certainly the lesser of two evils. Sarah Palin should scare any sane person.

Bill Quango MP said...


Why would you choose Palin over Biden? On any balanced level she is awful. Its like Brown picking Mylene Klass.
"shes pretty, does bikini photos, talks ok, is intelligent enough to ask questions, has mum appeal.. There are no downsides to this appointment."

Because she has a vagina hardly seems the best reason to vote Sarah,even though that's seen as enough for many.

McCain ... It was his very own Mandelson gamble.
30ish days will tell if it worked.