When it comes to defending the coastline what comes first for Labour - England or Bangladesh ?

It is well known that due to climate change and global warming the coastline of the low lying east of England is at greater risk than ever from flooding.

Any visitor to North Norfolk can go to Happisburgh and see the peril many householders feel as each year more and more of their parish falls in to the sea whist the government tell us that they do not have the necessary £30 million needed to protect the whole of the North Norfolk coast. Similarly parts of Suffolk around Southwold have effectively been written off by the government and will be allowed to flood.

This might be acceptable were the government as strapped for cash as they claim.

But today I read that the government is to give £75 million to Bangladesh to help protect their coastline from flooding.

I've always felt the old saying "Charity begins at home" has some meaning. Clearly Labour's priority lies with the people of Bangladesh and not with the people of England.


James said...

Perhaps, in a few years time, when we have sunk to below the status of a third world country, Bangladesh will reciprocate.

John said...

This isn't a case of charity begins at home, this should be a case of our government taking the necessary action to protect our country and people first.Use the money to protect our heritage and then send Bangladesh the remaining 45 million. Or does our government expect Norfolk to apply to the Lottery Fund for the money?