Norfolk Blogger Readers Survey - How often you visit and how you vote

I conducted a survey of my readers over the last few weeks and having received more than 100 responses, I thought I'd share the results.

How often do you read this blog ?
Daily - 12%
Most Days - 32.0%
Once or twice a week - 29%
Once a week -5%
A couple of times a month - 12%
Less Often - 10%

What are your political leanings
Labour - 5.0%
Conservative - 34.0%
Liberal Democrat - 45.0%
SNP - 0%
Plaid Cymru - 1%
Other -16.0%

So of interest to me was the fact that just 45% of my readers are Lib Dems. This is, for me, a real success. I didn't start this blog to preach to the converted and if people of other political persuasions log in to agree or disagree with me, then I have achieved something.

I'll reveal more results later in the week. I am sure you can hardly contain your excitement.


tally said...

I enjoy reading your blog daily and I'm happy to find a Lib/Dem that is actually Liberal and Democratic unlike Alan Beith who has recently come out again against England.Can you have a word with him?

Steve said...

Every so often you write a story very critical of the Liberal Democrats where you look to get your facts wrong - like the Clegg schooling story. That may explain both the lack of LD readers and the presence of non-LD readers!