Never before has a boundary commission proposal been so lambasted and opposed

A group of Norfolk councils today launched another strand of the attack on boundary commission proposals to scrap every district in the county and instead have one unitary County Council, which just to confuse matter more will include a large part of Suffolk).

The option the boundary commission chose was no organisation's preferred option, indeed, it was not even on anyone's list of options at all.

I have been told by a few sources that a meeting held recently between some MPs and the Boundary Commission left the Boundary Commission absolutely shocked that not one MP could find anything at all to say in favour of the proposal, such has been the utter incompetence of the Boundary Commission's thought processes.

The only hope for Norfolk now is that someone in government can see how ridiculous the proposals are and they might save the councils and council tax payers having to fork out for the legal costs of opposing the proposals.

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