Rare praise for the Labour government

I will stick my neck out and offer praise to the government for their decision to support energy conservation measures as opposed to a one of bribe of giving windfall payments to poorer people.

Let's face it, a one of payment will be gone in a very short amount of time and energy prices are hardly likely to drop in the future meaning that this one off payment will be a waste of time. However, energy saving measures will be long term projects that will ensure people will save money for many years to come, plus the environmental benefits are clear to even the dimmest Labour MP.

It is a shame, therefore, that so many Labour MPs and union leaders have today spoken out against the government's measures. It seems that there are too many desperate Labour MPs who would prefer to have seen the government use cash to bribe voters in to voting Labour.

Shame on those MPs and well done to the government.

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James said...

I think the point was we were given the impression we were being given a few sweeties and then nasty Gordon decided there was no money to pay the sweet shop so we couldn't have our 'treat'.
I agree the money would be better spent on insulating houses.
We applied for a Warm Front grant (we qualified) in March.Our house requires cavity wall, top-up loft insulation and a new efficient oil boiler. Commonsense tells me that idealy the walls and loft should be done first. The sole appointed central heating contractor was out surveying very quickly. As you probably know there is a grant limit and above that the householder pays the difference. To change the boiler the contractor quoted THREE times the amount a local firm quoted for exactly the same job.The difference in the Warm Front quote to the grant amounted to more than the local quote.This contractor has a monopoly with Warm Front, and in my opinion, charging over the odds.
We have been waiting since March for the insulation contractor to survey.
It's not looking good for keeping warm this winter