Is ITV News run by Russians ?

I was astonished by the one sided version of the world given to us at teatime today on the ITV teatime news.

ITV constantly referred to South Ossetia as being "a disputed territory" and "pro Russian province", but at no point made clear that it is an internationally recognised part of Georgia, not a part of Russia. When ITV News gave their account of how the recent troubles started they by implication made out that Georgia had attacked Russia and at no point explained that they were trying to recapture territory held by the Russians which was legally Georgian.

No wonder I watch the BBC news more often than ITV.

P.S. And any one who wants to debate why South Ossetia should not become independent of Russia because it's population wants to be independent, might I point out that Chechens also want to be independent, but Russia is not willing to accept the will of the people in their case.


Alasdair W said...

The BBC made it very clear it was "technically" part of Georgian territory. Good point on the "P.S." I noted in my blog that if South Ossetia was internationally accepted as Independent, then surely the Ossetians in North Ossetia (in Russia) would want to become part of one united independent Russia.
Russia clearly isn't planning on that, they simply want to punish Georgia for being pro-west and in the process try to bring an end to the pro-western movement.

Anonymous said...

Give it a couple of years and if the Russians have their way we will all be run by Russians !

Zenobia said...

So it's nothing to do with the oil pipeline that runs through Georgia and give Europe a link to the Middle East, independant of Russian then?

Thank goodness for that!

Norfolk Blogger said...

Zenobia - What on earth has that got to do with ITV's pro Russian bias ? Read what I wrote please !

neil craig said...

How often in the last 9 years have they described Kosovo as being "a part of Serbia" let aline "a part of Serbia which the NATO countries are, by treaty, required to resist any separation from"?

My guess would be round about never.