The world according to Russia Today

Russia Today, for those who do not know is the Russian Government's "sponsored" World News Channel which gives The Kremlin's version of the news.

For anyone who wants an example of one sided news without balance, facts or any real journalistic skills, then RT (Russia Today) is the channel to watch.

Perhaps the most chilling is the way that British Journalist are employed by RT and appear to throw away anything they have ever learnt about fair and even handed journalism and instead report news which appears to have been typed out for them by Vladimir Putin's henchmen.

For me, seeing a British Journalist called Leah Ferguson reporting from North Ossetia made me wonder how many pieces of silver you had to take to report such utter tripe.

The thrust of her latest report, reported from North Ossetia (in Russia) was to imply that Georgian troops were still on the offensive in South Ossetia (all other news channels show the Georgian army fully withdrawn from South Ossetia), and the comments from the other British journalist presenting from the studio was that she was herself in some danger in North Ossetia from those awful Georgians. I don't doubt that South Ossetians have suffered, but the complete lack of balance from Leah Ferguson was at odds with what might be expected from a reporter who worked for both ITV and BBC. It is to be hoped both these channels and Sky saw her reporting and would be very careful about employing her in future.

The next report following this was that the Russian Press is now subject to reporting restrictions in Georgia and this was a sign of the "repressive Georgian state". This report of course ignores the fact that Russia is a virtual one party state where the press is state controlled and dissenting voices are either murdered or excluded from the legal protection.

RT has also claimed that the Western Press are telling lies. They claim that Western TV stations are claiming that the international airport in Tblisi has bombed, but "this is not true", points out RT. Sadly RT has no sources as to which "Western TV stations" said this as I have not seen it reported anywhere. Again, don't let the truth get in the way of RT's propaganda.

The are even reporting on RT that "this is what you get from a Democratic country", with other constant references to the "democratic government in Georgia ", so not only are RT bending the truth of the event that are currently ongoing, but they are using it to soften up the Russian population to further believing that there is something wrong with democracy.

If you know anything about world history, if you know anything about international relations, then you'd know that what Russia Today reports is an utter joke. If it wasn't so tragic, it would be funny.


Tony Sharp said...

But it is all the fault of the American/Israeli energy and financial cartels apparently.

My only surprise is that RT does not report that it is broadcasting from a bunkered studio in Moscow, where millions of ordinary Russians fear attack at any moment from those Georgian imperialist running dogs.

Wolfie said...

At least the Israelis admit to it!

Of course our propaganda is much better than their propaganda and that Russia Today is a joke but when the BBC lie through their teeth and we invade Iraq on a false pretext its cool. Come now Nich, aren't we over-doing the indignation? The Georgian government were arseholes in the first place.

Norfolk Blogger said...

British TV News does much to expose British hypocrisy and despite what you say, the BBC have been as critival in their analysis of the reasons for invading Iraq as any news organisation.

The difference is that RT (I assume you have watched it) does not report news but instead does point scoring in a way that you would expect from a tabloid newspaper.

Wolfie said...

Indeed the BBC eventually came together and provided thorough analysis but well after the fact and soft peddled in the middle for a while too. Quite a lot of propaganda coming out over this war on both sides, interestingly the BBC providing different coverage slants to BBC News 24/World. RT is just less sophisticated, I guess its catering for a different audience.

denis k said...

I think Fox News is still light years ahead in terms of mastering of the techniques of telling blunt lies. RT is just nowhere near.