Bronze medal for me

It's award season. This blog has already done well in one contest, but with the big one being announced in stages, I was interested to see if I could improve on my 12th place last year in the "Top Lib Dem Blogs" category in Iain Dale's/Total Politics political blogging awards.

So I am delighted to be ranked at number 3, up 9 places from last year.

Thank you to all those who voted for me and all those who read my blog regularly and leave comments.


Paul Pinfield said...

Every little helps.

Well done Nich. Deserved.

Norfolk Blogger said...

You are very kind paul.

Jeff said...

Congratulations. I find number 3 is the best position regardless of what list it is.

I look forward to opening my mind further to the Lib Dem viewpoint in the future by being a regular reader....

dan said...

i think you're the best Nick