It's awards season, and I've won the first !

Many thanks to all those people who voted for me in the Witanagemot Club annual awards. My blog was voted best Liberal Democrat Supporting Blog for 2008.

Awards don't really matter, and they shouldn't matter because it does rather encourage people to pander to the audience that is voting, but I am really pleased to have won this award and await the cheque and trophy in the post (yes, I am joking).

Perhaps the only disappointment was that I was not in the top three "most shaggable bloggers". Yes, now I really REALLY am joking)


Martin said...

Sorry, Nich, you SUPPORT the Lib Dems?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I am always perplexed by the Lib Dems, the most free thinking of parties, that on the internet we seem bound by conformity and so many Lib Dem blogs lack critical faculties when it comes to the party itself.

I am happy to praise where credit is due, but think we need to sharpen our act up.