Who does these weather forecasts

Just taking a five minute break from our after school fete today, I have to wonder whether the people who do our weather forecasts live in the real world.

All day the weather maps on the BBC weather pages have shown us to be having rain, with the latest pictures showing torrential rain across Norfolk for the last two hours and no sunshine at all.

In reality, I've got burnt in the sun, the weather has been superb and there has been no rain (not yet).

Who does these forecasts ?



LOL And you're complaining because they got it wrong, under those conditions?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Complaing about the forecastersm not the weather.

its the principle of producing maps that say categorically "It is raining in Norwich now and has been for two hours", when it clearly hadn't been raining in norwich for two hours.

Incidentally, it starting raining at 5.00pm, just as the fete finished.

Peter Welch said...

Well it poured in Sheringham, but your fete had probably finished by then.

Alexfromnorfolk said...

When they use to stick a cloud of any colour over East Anglia we knew that there would a chance of rain or sunshine.

Now they are predicting everything much like they tell the news.

I use the met office site. Its amazing how they predict the weather and the Beeb says something differant!