Poor old Luton Town Football Club

I noticed last year a lot of Leeds fans bemoaning their 15 point deduction of points which was down to the decisions of those who ran the club. So have a little honest sympathy for Luton Town who appear to have been deducted 30 points next season (that is on top of the ten they were deducted last season) for misdemenours carried out by the previous owners (not the current owners as was the case with Leeds.

Whilst I can see the need for rules and punishments, the Football League's system of punishment on top of punishment on top of punishmean seems very unfair. The Football League have effectively relegated Luton Town already out of the Football League (one more League down and they will be non-league) and may ultimately put them out of business.

This hardly seems fair and it devalues the 90 minutes of football that they will play every week to nothing more than a sideshow.

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