Who are the Greens kidding ?

According to a Green Party Spokesman called Derek Wall on the Haltemprice and Howden by-election:

"The willingness of so many Labour and Liberal Democrat supporters to put their faith in the Greens, even though it's our first run in the constituency in recent years, shows that mainstream voters see the Greens as a real alternative to bland and complacent politics."

Now let's get this completely clear. A seat where the Lib Dems came a very good second place and where Labout came third in 2005, where neither the Lib Dems or Labour chose to stand this time, still only delivered the Greens less than 8% of the vote.

If this is a success you have to think that the Greens have very low aspirations.


Jonny Wright said...

I don't think it's any different from the sort of spin any political party puts on a disappointing showing. What did we say after Henley? That we were pleased the vote had help up solidly?

It's also wrong to assume that Lib Dem and Labour voters would back the Greens as their second choice, over Davis. It was a single-issue by-election, and many Labour and Lib Dem supporters would have agreed with Davis on civil liberties.

Ed said...

It was a disastrously bad result for the Greens and confirms that Nick Clegg made absolutely the right call about not contesting the election.

Bill Quango MP said...

Be a bit more charitable. 8% is going to be a high water mark. Let the baby have it's bottle.

Alexfromnorfolk said...

How can anyone take anything from that election? The safest seat in the world for the Tory's. It didnt say anything about 42 days or the Greens. For Davis to say the public have spoken is bull. What Tory's were going to change colour, infact when have they ever?

The Greens are full of good ideas but also full of 2cv drivers who like open air Folk concerts!