Time to kick Russia out of the G8 ?

The G8 might only be a club or richer countries, but Russia fought hard to be admitted and said ti wanted to take its rightful place amongst the other seven nations.

So why was it last night that despite assurances given, despite Russia supporting a G8 resolution for tougher sanctions against Zimbabwe, Russia chose to stab its G8 friends in the back and veto the resolution ?

Sadly, yet again, it is a sign that when it comes to dictatorships, Russia is the number one friend of tyrants and murderers.


Alexfromnorfolk said...

We cannot do that, Russia has the most untapped oil in the world.

Thats why.

Human rights! did you ever think Russia would be bothered about that.

I cannot help but remember when you lot were complaining about Iraq. Well wasnt there a little human rights thing going on too?

Its all o.k being on high horse. I very much doubt anyone including the most loyal Libs can claim to be so perfect.

When the fuel starts running out in a few hundred years time and Russia has reformed to the soviet union because it has the power and oil (one of the same) what will the moaners be saying then?

If we acted against all the countries who have human rights issues and crimes against humanity, dictators and killers with equal force, we might just stop all these issues happening.

Us poor and powerless people have the power to stop all this and yet we do little.

Will you be watching the Olympics?

I bet you will!

Norfolk Blogger said...

In effect we are agreeing. This result must be terribly disappointing for the Greens.

Alexfromnorfolk said...

Oh yes, Its all very well being right. But being realistic is another thing altogether. I wont give up my car or heating. Would I for the welfare of those in Zimbabwe? No and thats not because I dont care, Its because My country is trying to do whats right but others dont care and if they have more power, unless the whole nation turns there is little point in being so cut up about it. Zimbabwe has to sort it out or we need to fly the planes in with the troops and do the right thing? But we wont cause theres no OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!