Is anyone surprised that Labour seem to have got it so wrong again on knife crime ?

Labour's latest policy to solve the problem of knife crime on the streets is to take youths found to be carrying knives around hospitals to show them victims of knife crime.

My understanding is that people carry knives mainly through fear of being attacked themselves. They don't rationalise the argument that carrying a knife makes you more likely to be a victim. Instead they see it as something of an arms race.

I would expect showing someone arrested for carrying a knife just how much damage can be done to you by someone with a knife is more than likely going to scare the person in to believing there is even more reason to protect yourself and that a knife is even more necessary.


asquith said...

They couldn't give 2 shits about cutting crime, they just want the Hate Mail headlines.

Grimly predictable, & the youth will suffer in all sorts of ways, but since when have they cared?

Just after lunch... or I would have said more

Andy W said...

Spot on Nich, give them a reason to 'defend' themselves.

As with everything New Labour there is so little thought put intto it.

Paul said...

Congratulations for pointing out a simple truth Nich. I am surprised that no one else has realised the madness of this ploy...

Letters From A Tory said...

"Is anyone surprised that Labour seem to have got it so wrong again on knife crime?"

Errr, no, not really.

Anonymous said...

You bunch of Libs !!!

Dont get me wrong I think what the Labs are saying is wrong.

But, this problem has been on going for a very long time. Yet if we take extreme hard core action, are we being to controlling? If we put an arm around the shoulder too weak?

Maybe just maybe we should listen to those who are wrapped up in this mess and take some much needed advice. If we are willing to let David Davis stand up and cry for freedom and Shabbi Shabbi of Liberty to want rights galore for all those who care little for us, what hope do those stuck under the right foot of society have? Not much. This country has allowed communitee life to disapear. Respect has gone.

If we all had the answers we would not be in this mess. The media are hell bent on glamorizing this and the kids dont care.

But the biggest problem is and this is the one, If hard line action is taken as the Tory's suggest there could be a massive revolt by those they are targeting.

So before you all light up your pipes just think, Is it that easy?
I think not. We are responsible for the youth and if we cannot parent them, guide them or protect them, surely we are guilty.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Alex, I am all for tough measures, but not the silly ad hoc policies Labour think up on a Saturday, press release on a Sunday then drop on a Monday.