The utter uselessness of the Student Loans Company

I have written before about the Student Loans Company and the completely useless way they marry up data about people and the length of time it takes. But this month they have provided further evidence that they are not fit for purpose.

I knew from my tax records that I had paid up my student loan in full, so sent them my P60 so that they small amount they deduct each month would cease. I asked them to deal with this as a matter of urgency as I did not want further payments deducted from my wages. Sadly, they took three weeks to respond, and sent me a refund of only two months payments to them, not the further payment that they had deducted in the three weeks in which I had waited for a reply. They did assure me, however, that they had now informed my employers to stop making deductions from my wages. So I write them another letter asking for the third payment back, but on the day I am about to post this I get my pay slip and find they are still making deductions from my wages. When I phone them to ask why they are doing this despite telling me that they had advised my employers, it turns out that they had NOT informed my employers, when they said, but took nearly another whole week to advise my employers meaning that another payment has gone out.

I then re-write my letter, get further photocopies of documents and send this off to the SLC only to receive a letter from the Student Loans Company advising me that it is now easier than ever to pay off your student loan.

Surely they must realise now, after all the correspondence that I HAVE PAID OFF MY STUDENT LOAN ! And just to tub salt in to the wounds, they have sent me a password and login today so I can login in to their system and find out how much I owe them.


Completely and utterly useless would be the only way I could describe the Student Loan Company.

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Anonymous said...

Could be worse. The Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) had be down as commuting from Glasgow to Cambridge (i.e. living at home) for three years running. Every year I'd correct the error, every year it would return.

P.S. - Your poll's no good. It doesn't give me an option to say 'same as Labour, it's pro-business cronyism and poor financial regulation which is the problem'.