No sense of justice in FA hearings

Norwich City Manager Glenn Roeder and his Assistant Lee Clark have been fined £1000 and £500 because of an incident on the touchline at the end of a match last year.

Just to fill you in on what the incident was, in the 94th minute of the match (a match which the referee had said there should only by three minutes of extra time - do the maths !), he awarded Bristol City a free kick for a handball. It was obvious to everyone in the ground that the handball was actually committed by a Bristol City player. The radio commentators (that I heard) saw it, the crowd saw it, even the fourth official who confirmed to the Norwich management team that it was the Bristol player who hand balled it saw it. From this freekick Bristol City scored.

At the end of the game (2 seconds later) the Norwich management team went to ask the referee why he had made the decision he did, why he did not check with his officials and why he played extra time on top of extra time in order to allow Bristol City to score. And for this they have been fined.

Forget that Norwich were denied the true result, forget that the referee made a terrible decision. You have to ask if the FA have any sense of natural justice.


Anonymous said...

Added time is the minimum extra time to be played, so there could play what ever the ref sees fit to play, due to time wasting.

Were you there? If so you would have seen all your team's time wasting!!!!!

Norfolk Blogger said...

No reference to the handball then ? Similarly, no reference to your name. How brave anonymous posters are.

Still, Norwich didn;t go down, Bristol City didn't go up, your one good season has now gone and Norwich will make the play offs this year.

Alexfromnorfolk said...

The referee made a wrong disision with the hand ball. Though I would ask how many times last season did City get a bad decision go their way?

As for a touchline ban? Well if they have broke the rules and it seems they have, yes the decision is right.

The F.A are a law to themselves. Look what they have handed out to Luton! Why didnt they they just drop them down a league.

When West Ham Utd clearly broke rules over the Argentinian players, what kind of punishment did they get!

As for the play offs? Well like your party you have to have dreams. 10th place at best.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Alex, I am very happy with Norwich's summer signings. Lupoli is an inspired signing, Stefanovic is just what we need in defence, Bertrand is the best left back outside of the Premiership, Hoolahan is a superb winger and Bell is a fantastic player who I hae wanted Norwich to sign for some time. The lad from Forest too has good reviews so I am not just hopeful, I am expectant !

Alexfromnorfolk said...

Thats what I admire about City Fans! Lupoli struggled with Derby! Stefanovic passed it, Bertrand? who! Hoolahan and Bell. Are you being serious?

Only Joking!!

Cant say I agree with you but I will stick with 10th.

I will let you know what its like in the prem next season.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I'll tell you about if you want. Although I am a Norwich City season ticket holder, my team is Everton.