The other by-election from yesterday that should worry Labour just as much as Glasgow East

Glasgow East we know about now. Terrible news for Labour, good news for the SNP and bad news for Gordon Brown. But any attempts to pass this off as a Scottish phenomenon should be ignored when you look at the result from a key by-election in Westminster.

Labour, featuring ex Blur drummer Dave Rowntree as their candidate, lost the previously solid Labour Church Street Ward by 202 votes.

It is sometimes possible for ruling parties nationally to pick off council seats in areas which are controlled by another party (in Westminster's case the Tories), but when Labour are losing solid Labour council seats and solid Labour Parliamentary seats on the same day in different parts of the country AND to different opposition parties, it seems more than ever now that the electorate's view is that they will vote for anything but Labour.


Ex-Pat Alfie said...

".... it seems more than ever now that the electorate's view is that they will vote for anything but Labour."
OR Clegg's lot!

Norfolk Blogger said...

In Dunfermline a few months ago the Lib Dems beat brown's Labour Party so it really is horses for courses.

jdc said...

Oh come on. Let's look at that by-election!

* Tory vote up 25%

* Labour vote down 3%

* Respect vote down 22% (i.e. no candidate this time round)

* Tory candidate was a Muslim from a Bangladeshi background.

Well done to the guy, but this wasn't about political ideology, or the national political or economic situation.

Alexfromnorfolk said...

There is little chance that Liberal Democrates will replace either the conservative or Labour Party as the opposition.

To argue the outcome of the next election. Mid term, economic down turn, Price rises, youth disorder.........etc,etc.

If and a big if, Labour can restore the economic situation and bring in some more radical policies that with address the worries. They only have to convince the floating voters.

Dont count your chickens just yet.