Gifts for teachers - What NOT to buy

At the end of a school year teacher tend to get gifts from some children in their class, particularly when you teach young children. I am always extremely grateful for anything I receive, but there is one nagging fear in my mind every year, and that is how many cups will I get which say "World's best teacher" of "Great teacher" or "Favourite teacher" or any other variations thereof.

This year I was lucky in that I only received on mug with this message on. I say lucky because until recently I had a cupboard with about 14 of them in. Luckily my school was getting low on mugs and so I donated about ten of those mugs that I had received from children in my previous school to the staffroom so I could make some space.

So if I can give some pieces of advice to parents whose kids want to buy their kids a present. Firstly, don't feel obliged to do so. I don't think anything less of kids who don't buy me a present and so you should feel pressurised in to doing so. Secondly, please don't think that buying a mug for a teacher will be original. It isn't. Thirdly, in my experience teachers like wine and chocolate best, but not necessarily in that order !


Diana said...


Every year I get at least 5 mugs. I am thankful for their appreciation. However voiced appreciation can substitute the mug gifts.

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