25 years too late ?

It seems rather odd that the UK and Ireland are to start having border checks on cars leaving and entering the Republic of Ireland from Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Surely these checks would have been valuable in "the troubles", but to start them now seems very odd indeed.

P.S. I note that the BBC report says this will be the first time formal border checks have occurred in 80 years. Any checks in the troubles were ad hoc.


Gallimaufry said...

I bet the RUC and Army wish they'd thought of doing that.
Er I think you might discover that checks were made and some cross border roads were blocked. Observation towers were built and helicopter and foot patrols filled in the gaps as far as possible.
Is there perhaps a connection between the EUs increased powers despite "free movement of citizens" and the introduction of border checks? Didn't the Soviet Union's 1935 Constitution safeguard the rights of its citizens?

Chekov said...

There were border checks on cars during the Troubles.

Stephen Glenn said...

Er Nich there were border patrols in place during the troubles and many roads were blocked off so you couldn't get across them, the others were manned by Army personel. Don't forget there were also all the watchtowers along the border.

The problem was that most of the border was fields and sometimes both sides were owned by the same family. So under cover of darkness it was hard even for the Army presence that suffered heavy losses from keeping an eye on everything that was going on.