Things we CAN do about Zimbabwe

Given the way Thabo Mbeki has shielded Zimbabwe's murderous regime and shown his ANC led South Africa to be traitors to the struggle for freedom in Africa, many people will wonder if there is anything we can do to affect Robert Mugabe's ability to cling on in Zimbabwe. So here is my list of suggestions of things we can do.

1) Boycott Barclays Bank.
Barclays Bank have provided funds for Mugabe's henchmen to illegally acquire farms whilst they provide a conduit for getting money out of the country for Zanu PF members. The evidence of all this is HERE, but Barclays are not interested. it is high time organisations like the NUS stopped allowing Barclays to market themselves at Freshers Fayres at Universities and people in the UK consider very strongly closing their Barclays accounts.

2) Check your other investments
Many other companies seek to trade in Zimbabwe, with fears that many pay Zanu PF in order to do so. If you have a pension or other investment, why not write a letter to the company asking if they invest in companies that trade in Zimbabwe. There are plenty that do. If enough people did this, if companies felt obliged to invest ethically, the value of shares in some leading companies who invest in Zimbabwe would be effected. Only this month one British company announced plans to spent £200 million in Zimbabwe. In reality only shareholders will have any effect on this company.

3) Make sure government leads by example
Steve Green on the Daily Referendum Blog makes the point well this morning that Northern Rock does business through its Channel Island subsidiary offering accounts to Zimbabweans. Northern Rock is a government owned company. The government should be leading by example on this. Write to your MP about this.

4) Make sure politicians lead by example
It has been reported today that some MP's have large investments in companies that do business with Zimbabwe. I don't condemn them for owning shares in companies like RTZ and BP, far from it, but now everyone is more aware that British business is indirectly propping up Mugabe, we should all be prepared to divest ourselves of shares in companies who do not choose over the next few months to withdraw from Zimbabwe. Write to your MP asking them to sell their shares and remind them that there is an election in less than two years.

Yes, I know this is all small fry compared to the big action that needs to be taken. But whilst Mbeki has blood on his hands protecting is friend Mugabe, this may be all we can do.


Alasdair W said...

Don't be too quick to put loads of blame on South Africa and the ANC. South African trade unions are very concerned. They stood up against the arms shipments from China that were going to dock at Durban and go to Zimbabwe. The ANC itself is turning against Mbeki, Jacob Zuma it's President has strongly critised Zimbabwe. However Thabo Mbeki is being a traitor and a coward.

FrankC said...

Further to Alasdair W's point, don't be too quick to condemn western firms like RTZ. If they pull out, the Chinese will be in further than they are already. Even the idea of democracy could go out the window.