Where are they now ?

A few weeks ago Tory bloggers were queueing up to complain that poor old Caroline Spelman was being unjustly accused of paying her nanny out of parliamentary expenses and that her version of events made complete sense. Some of these Tories blamed the BBC (what a surprise), some blamed other parties, but none of them blamed Caroline Spelman.

Now, it appears, even Tory MPs are coming forward to say she was not telling the truth about her expenses and she has to go.

Where are the Tory bloggers who defended her now ?


Anonymous said...

As a taxpayer, I would rather pay for Spelman's nanny(so she would be free to do her job) than a window cleaner at £94 a go for Barbara Follett.

Daily Referendum said...


I based my opinion on the facts as they were known at the time. Those facts have not changed much.

However Newsnight said that a number of Tory MPs who are familiar with Mrs Hammond's version of events have now contacted the chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee, Sir Michael Spicer, demanding she should be sacked.

Who are these nameless MPs and how many is a number? The only difference in the story was that she was reported by her secretary. Did Caroline know who reported her when she made her statement?

Paul Pinfield said...

Event dear boy. Events.

Her defenders, including me, took her explanation at face value. It would now appear that she was being economical with the actualité.

But surely Nich, you didn't know then what we have just found out?

So, yes, now that she has been shown to be untruthful, she should be sacked from her post and deselected by her constituency party.

Anonymous said...

So nothing about the Henley by-election or the collapse in the LibDem poll rating? Says everything.

Norfolk Blogger said...

What ? Lib Dems vote up in by-election in safe Tory seat and lib Dems on 18-20% in the polls, far higher than they have been mid term in previous electoral cycles.

What actually says everything is that you are an utter coward who signs in anonymously.

Try growing a backone or some balls.

Paul Pinfield said...

Nich, Iain Dale has made the same point about anonymous comments. Hard to know what to do other than deleting them.

Bill Quango MP said...

Never defended her. The story never rang true from the start so I am with you on this one.
Fact is we know that all Mp's are at it.

I know for a fact that a certain MP who may or may not be me has his nannies windows cleaned at £94 a go.

And I've orderd a couple of Pergolas from Wickes. Don't know what they are but if you are allowed them.. well be silly not to wouldn't it.
There's always Ebay.