Do you actually want Gordon Brown to stay on ?

All the pundits are saying that it looking more and more ominous for Gordon Brown. The polls are against him, events (like the resignation of Wendy Alexander and the new by-election in Glasgow East) are not with him and he has lost the confidence of big Labour donors. But the question is, do you want him to stay on ?

Its similar in many ways to when IDS was in charge of the Tories. As a Lib Dem I was desperate for him to stay on even though I knew he was bloody useless as a leader. I guess many Tories were desperate too for Ming to stay on as Lib Dem leader.

So, hand on heart, do you want Gordon Brown to stay on - Vote now (see poll on right hand side of page).


Paul Pinfield said...

Clever post Nich. I should make clear from the outset that I have never liked Brooon with all of his manoeuvring, back-stabbing, and arrogance. So my comment should read with this in mind...

If I thought that changing leader would save NuLab, I would urge Brooon to stay on. However, nothing will save them, so I really want to see Brooon ditched so that he can be labelled as the worst ex-leader in Labour history.

There, venom released, and I feel a whole lot better. Time for a Cobra...

asquith said...

I don't want Labour to be wiped out, & I never wanted the Tories to be wiped out, because it is unhealthy. Between 1997 and about 2004 (or some would say Camoron's election), NuLab could do almost whatever they wanted, & you can see what came o' that ... & it's possible that the Daily Mail could be in the ascendant after the next election, with God-awful consequences.

There should be some kind of balance. Perhaps it's time for PR :)

Alexfromnorfolk said...

NuLab have only got themselves to blame. They kicked out Blair and they will live to regret it.

Brown is good, maybe too honest.

He lacks however the class of Blair. Brown never sounds convincing. I dont doubt his leadership or the direction NuLab are taking this country.

But many people have never lived under the Tories and by God they dont know whats coming!

If you think this is bad...Youve seen nothing yet!!!