Will anti foreigner violence push South Africa to take Zimbabwe seriously ?

The world is utterly sick of the pathetic way most of Africa has dealt with Robert Mugabe. Southern Africa's sycophantic have fawned over Mugabe for years and despite ruining the best economy in Africa, despite letting thousands of his citizens starve to death, and despite deliberate pre-mediated government inspired violence, South Africa and its leaders insist there are no problems in Zimbabwe.

Yet in the last few days South Africa has been hit by rioting and xenophobic violence by South Africans against foreign migrant workers, the largest group of which is Zimbabweans. Despite three million Zimbabwe citizens forced to flee from Zimbabwe under Mugabe, South Africa has claimed there is nothing wrong, but clearly South Africa's own citizens disagree.

Perhaps it will take the South Africans people to make their leaders wake up to the problems in Zimbabwe. Sadly, South Africa's appalling attitude to Mugabe has allowed him to get away with murder, but it has drive its own citizens in recent days to murder too. We used to shake our heads in horror at the way the Apartheid Regime in South Africa thumbed its nose at the world as it allowed thousands millions to be disenfranchised, children were not educated and political torture and murder was common. Now South Africa turns its back and allows Zimbabwe to do all these things.

History books will treat Nelson Mandela well, but those that succeed him and his party, the ANC, will forever heave blood on its hands.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Regretably South africa will go down the road of all African states.

Africa should be left alone to sort its own problems out. The intervention by the west is just making matters worse.

Anonymous said...

Is the only difference between today and a few weeks ago the fact that it is now hitting international news???

How many murders are there on a daily basis? How many rapes? How many (white, black, Indian) people suffer mercilessly at the hands of criminals on a daily basis there?

How many of us South Africans living in Europe, live here because this is NOT NEWS TO US!

I'm sorry for what is happening in SA. Very sorry.

But I am "happy" that the rest of the world is finally taking notice of something that has been a problem for years!

This is not news. This was "day-to-day" life for many of us when we were still in SA - wasn't it?