Tories break data protection laws in Crewe and Nantwich by-election

We all thought labour were incompetent when it came to protecting data, but the Tories showed today that they too have not got the first idea of how to keep peoples' personal data secure.

It appears the Tories e-mailed details of 8,000 people and their voting intentions to a radio station, and in the process broke the law.

Oh dear !


Johnny Norfolk said...

Well done. Just like Newsnight, for printing a Labour Party spoiler.

How this, if true can be compared with a government department losing what was it 25 million peoples personal details including bank accounts.plus many others examples.
Why did you not set it in context and compare it to what Labour has lost. Lets have sopme balance.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Unlike Labour these were not lost but sent to the wrong place in error.This is a big difference that you have failed to identify.

People just cant wait to knock the Tories and then try very hard to excuse and explain Labours mistakes.
You would think the Tories were never out of power with this attitude, it was never like this to Labour when they were in opposition.

Letters From A Tory said...

What a shocker.

Anonymous said...

The information the radio station has may now be inaccurate and out of date...

A lot of people lie in these things anyways... if a person came around the door in blue/red/yellow asking me if I was voting for them (or their party) Id say "yes" to appease them... unless it was UKIP or the BNP