Premier League refs DO tend to favour certain teams

When football teams get a dreadful decision from an official commentators and FA officials tend to claim that luck evens itself out over a season. However one website proves this is not the case.

The rather good Right Result website shows what the points totals for teams would be, throughout the season, based on a panel of experts viewing games and looking at the real decisions the referees should have made. for example, when free kicks are awarded instead of penalties, when penalties have not been awarded, where penalties have been awarded that shouldn't have been or where players have scored who should have been sent of previous to their goal.

Based on the what the independent plan have to say, it is clear that referees show a clear bias towards Chelsea and Arsenal, but this bias does not affect the prper outcome of the league. What is interesting though is that clear benefit Liverpool have had from dodgy refereeing decisions. it appears that the right result should have been that they came 5th, not 4th in the League, and had Everton received their fair share of the decisions, Everton would have pipped Liverpool to 4th place in the league, and the £10 million of Champions League money.

So despite what people would have you believe, referees do show bias towards certain teams.

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Johnny Norfolk said...

Association Football should use the sighting law. They should also use a video referee whan there is a massive dispute. The game is just so far behind Cricket and Rugby Union Football and even snnoker in its refusal to use new technology. I would find another sport if I were you. I find football and most of its supporters childish and pathetic in their slavish following of the game.