Prescott comes out for David Miliband

John Prescott may not always appear to be the most up to date man in the world and seems liek some sort of political dinosaur, but he has always had his finger on the pulse of the Labour Party, and by that I mean Labour and not "New Labour". This was shown in 1992 /1993 when he really pushed the Labour Party to start reforming itself under John Smith and from 1994 onwards under Tony Blair too. So when John Prescott starts haling David Miliband as a great future leader, he does know what he is on about.

Now that someone has come out for Miliband in such strong terms, how long will it be before others start doing so too. Prescott has shown himself to be utterly loyal in the past, and he does clearly refer to Miliband as a great "future" leader, but I wonder if this is a sign that Prescott knows the mood of the party and knows it is in no mood to put up with two more years under Brown waiting to lose an election.

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Paul Pinfield said...

Totally agree Nich. This is a strong signal from the heart of Labour. I am surprised that this is not getting greater coverage.

Well done for highlighting this Nich.