Observations on tonight's talent shows

Two things I have observed tonight from the BBC's I'd Do Anything and ITV's Britain's Got Talent.

Firstly, in the search for a Nancy, it was pretty clear last week that Cameron Mackintosh does not want Jodie to win, and from his blatant comments tonight he wants Jessie. Somehow you can't help but feel that Mackintosh is too much of a theatre "luvvie" and that Jodie is just a bit too normal and common for his tastes. I disagree and feel that Mackintosh's preferred candidate Jessie is inconsistent and her obsession with doing a cockney accent be pronouncing every "s" sound as a "sh", is just daft.

As for Britain's got talent, they have put all the favourites at the end of the show (as they have every other night) and if I hear Amanda Holden say "I agree with everything Piers has just said", I will scream. It certainly must make Simon Cowell wonder why he employs her if all she can do is agree with Piers Morgan.

Update : Well done Jodie on becoming Nancy. It's so nice to see someone from a normal working class background do so well.

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Alasdair W said...

What on earth makes people want to waste time watching these programs. This of course is not directed at you personally.