Spot the difference

Today Rafa Benitez, the Liverpool manager made a statement protesting at the verbal abuse shouted by Everton fans at Steven Gerrard and used this to have a go at Everton.

Everton responded by reporting that a number of Everton players were similarly verbally abused and that Phil Neville was spat at and punched by some Liverpool fans (which could be seen on TV at the time whilst the Liverpool stewards did nothing).

So both sides have complaints, but only Liverpool chose to go "public" and start the war of words.

So what is the response from the clubs themselves. Everton made a spokesman available, said that it was a disgrace for Everton fans to be abusive to any players and that both clubs need to calm the situation.

Whereas Liverpool ... made no-one available and have said nothing.

Is this Liverpool's way of condoning their fans behaviour ? Come on Liverpool. Speak out and condemn your fans (like Everton have) who have let down your club. let's see Liverpool ban the fans concerned and take action against the idiots in the crown (who were , again, easy to spot on TV) who kept throwing the ball away.

last year Rafa Benitez made a big deal about referring to Everton as a "small club". However, it is Liverpool who are acting small today.

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Johnny Norfolk said...

Who cares they are a lot of spoilt children and are not worth talking about. you should have nothing to do with it.