In defence of Harriett Harman

I am not the sort of person who is likely to join the Harriett Harman fan club, indeed you might argue that she is, to me, about as loathsome as a Green Party activist. But I have to offer some defence for her position today in the face of some really silly criticism.

It appears that some are making political mischief because she decided to wear a police stab vest when she went on a walk about with police in her South London constituency. Some are claiming that she should not have worn the vest and that it is an over reaction and a sign of how unsafe the streets are.

When you see who is making the allegations against Ms Harman, it does give some degree of greater understanding. After all we should be grateful that the Daily Scum didn't try and blame her stab vest on the EU or foreigners.

The reason I offer some defence from Ms Harman in this case is because I have been out with the police in Fakenham in the past, when I was a councillor there, and I was told to wear a stab vest for my own safety. Now Fakenham is not well known for its extreme levels of violence, but the police stressed it was a good idea to wear it, it would be good for me to know what it is like to work whilst wearing one, and added the old phrase "better safe than sorry".

So in that light I hardly see it as a problem that she donned a police stab vest. Indeed, as the deputy leader of the Labour Party she is a person of some importance and I hardly see it as a problem that security is taken seriously.

This whole story is just typical Daily Mail acting like the sad tabloid that it really is.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Well I would not walk about with the police wearing a stab vest.

Just what are we comming to a nation of followers and no leaders.

Just do as you are told without question.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Well bully or you. I actually found it informative to wear one. I was out on a cold einter's night and the stab vest was bulky, heavy and made me sweat like it was a summer's day. It was an education for me.

dan said...

Ah - this must be April 1st!!!?

"better safe than sorry"

Were the police suggesting that we all invest in a jacket in this extremely safe county? Or were they thinking you were less safe in their hands??

What on earth was she thinking - and it's certainly nothing like wearing a hair net when visiting a food factory either.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Well yes it would be.

Bert said...

When I went out with the police in Norwich City Centre on a Saturday night - on Prince of Wales Road, till 3.00 in the morning, I was not given a stab vest, and I was frozen. So obviously I'm not as important as Norfolk Blogger, but then he is a Lib-Dem!!